Working Model

Understand JD

The search begins with the client briefing with AppsDreamZ, that is expected to provide professional advice regarding the role and the availability of suitable candidates.


AppsDreamZ uses a network of resources including original industry and functional research, proprietary databases, company information and online tools to identify the target market. Engage in a great deal of “behind the scenes” research to develop a thorough understanding of the marketplace and the type of candidates likely to fit a particular role.


Partners review the firm’s research and industry findings with the client; approach prospective candidates seeking to develop their interest in the role. Evaluate them against the position specification and the profile of the ideal candidate.


Partners conduct detailed formal interviews of the candidate to confirm his/her suitability for the role and to identify any areas of concern or points for further development. The Partners work closely with the client and candidate as they move towards the offer stage to facilitate negotiations between candidate and client.